Just Take the Compliment

Are you the type of person that can’t take a compliment? It either makes you uncomfortable or you don’t or can’t believe someone is saying something great about you? Me, I am that person. My progress with my weight loss is being noticed, and when someone tells me, “You look great.” I respond by saying, “Thank you, but I have so much further to go.” Why can’t I just say thank you? I do, I have about 30-35 more lbs to go before I will be satisfied, and I don’t want people to think I am complacent, I guess.

Other times, my oldest niece is so sweet to me and she is always giving me compliments and I simply just shut them down. She tells me over and over again, “Just take the compliment.”

Tonight at Open House I had students from last year pop in and tell everyone that I am the best English teacher ever. My response, since they are just now juniors, was to inform the parents that were in there that they have only had me as their high school English teacher (small school) so they don’t really have anyone else to compare to. Why couldn’t I just take the glowing recommendation and smile? We all know, well, if you’ve read my previous blogs, that I have been struggling with my career lately, so to hear previous students love me this way is something I needed to hear, but instead, I just shake it off.

Do you think people get mad when they give someone a compliment and that person more or less turns it away? The person receiving this adulation should make sure that the praise is appreciated. I have never wanted to be put on a pedestal. I have never wanted to be the one excepting the honors. I don’t know why. When someone compliments my weight loss, I don’t see what they see, not always anyway. When a former students sings my praises, all I see is someone that can be better. I appreciate it so much when someone sees something positive about me, and tells me, but in the end, I don’t see what they see and that is just sad really.

I think, though, with the progress I am making. With me starting to see how beautiful I really am. With me trying to get back to the badass bitch I was when I was a younger girl, maybe compliments won’t make me so uncomfortable one day. Maybe I will be able to believe what I am being told. Yep, another goal to put in front of me, and it is about time that I do.

If someone sings your praises, if someone tells you how great you are, take it as so, and simply look at them and say, “Thank you.” I am still working on it, but those are two words that I definitely need to put in my mind and heart because people don’t genuinely tell someone something just to be telling them something. Most of the time people won’t say anything at all rather than give you a false admiration. Yes, you will have those that don’t mean what they say, but why is that your problem? Why worry about who is being fake and who isn’t? Just simply look at them and tell them thank you. After all, hearing good things about you should be a GOOD THING.

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