Just Want to Touch Base

For those that have followed me since day one, thank you. I felt I owed you an summary of mi vida loca.

Last Wednesday, I got a tattoo. It’s a cute, little dainty one. No, Momma hasn’t seen it yet. I know, laugh it up, 50 and I worry about my mom still. I can’t explain it; I still hate disappointing her, and yes, she is still old school and a tattoo is a big no no in her eyes. I think I referenced this meme earlier, but I will again, I saw a meme that said, “Get the tattoo, you’re parents are already disappointed in you.” Haha, and if that isn’t the truth I don’t know what is. Anyway, it’s just a tiny guitar that my older niece and I both got to represent our love for music, specifically the Blues.

The next big thing I did, at least big for me, I joined a dating site, a real one, and let me just tell you, I DO NOT like it!! It is so overwhelming. These guys are relentless. They want to jump right in to marriage, and that is after exchanging just a few lines of conversation. I mean, some of the compliments sure do make a girl feel good, but it then it all falls apart. “Let’s take our conversation elsewhere. You know, somewhere a little more private.” My response, “Why? Who’s watching us here?” In my head, I feel all are trying to scam me. I am sure there are some real ones, but I am not sure I can put my guard down enough to believe anyone. But, what’s crazy, even with face to face dating, it would be the same way. You have to put your guard down so you can figure out if the person you’re talking to is worth it or not. But, c’mon, don’t you feel like you are on a job interview? “What do you like to do?” Well, not this shit, that’s for sure. As I’ve said before, I just want my guy to ride up on his horse, sing me a song about how he doesn’t know who hurt me, but he is here to save me, sweep me off my feet, put me on his horse, and we ride into the sunset. What? That is doable. It can happen. To top this off with a cherry and all, everyone has kids at home still. These are men my age. I said I didn’t want to date anyone with younger kids. I was older when I had mine, and mine is out of the house. Some of these men, my age, have young ones. I know I sound really picky, but I’ve been single for so long, why not be? I am exhausted, and in the end, all I want is someone that makes me feel special, whether it be for five months, five years, or the rest of my life. Ugh!

Even though that previous paragraph is somewhat crazy, I am happy to report that I have taken my 5oth year that I was so dreading and made it my bitch. I am L-I-V-I-N. Matthew McConaughey would be so proud of me. 🙂 In the end, I am having fun!

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