Make Sure You Follow the Cookie Crumbs

If you have just now found my blog, make sure you go back to the very beginning. Where’s My Lipstick was started because over the last few months I have been in a really bad emotional and mental state. I have always been the person that held my pain in because I didn’t want to be a burden to others, but this blogging has allowed me to open up and in the process I have been finding myself. I know this person who I am becoming will not be liked by some, but it is about time I step out of the mold people expect me to be in. I do hope my loved ones realize that this change isn’t about them, but it’s about me and this change needs to happen due to the fact that living your life lost is no way to live. I am ready to live.

Please don’t wait 50 years to help yourself, to believe in yourself, and to love yourself. However, if you have already waited this long or longer, trust me, it is not too late. Break out of that container you or other people have forced yourself in, and live your best life. Living for you doesn’t mean you abandon those around you. As a matter of fact, you quite possibly will be in a healthier state which can give you strength to help out even more.

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