What’s In a Title?

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I know you have all been wondering about what is up with the title of my website, Where’s My Lipstick? How many of you stumbled on this and started to read the blogs and think, “This isn’t about makeup.” Or you saw the title and you thought, “Oh yes, another makeup site.”? Well, let me take a brief moment to explain.

I have a Dolly Parton shirt that says Guts, Grits, and Lipstick and then I have a makeup bag that has a quote from Audrey Hepburn that says, “On a bad day there is always lipstick.” I do love me some makeup, but the title of my website is really symbolism. Man, I love symbolism. I make sure and teach my students about this because literary elements always adds interesting color and behavior to your writings. So what is the symbolism to Where’s My Lipstick?

If you have read my blogs from the beginning or at least read a few of the blogs at the beginning, you would see the pain I have been put through either by other people or myself. However, this pain has not stopped me from rising each day, dusting myself off, and continuing on. Have you figured out the symbolism yet? Yep, it’s about looking your best no matter how you feel or what you have been through. Sometimes the lipstick is just simply hiding my pain, but other times, it is exemplifying my victories. Either way, my lipstick is my symbol that I will always rise, apply my lipstick, and smile. I mean, after all, every day you are given is a gift.

If there are days that you need to apply your lipstick, or whatever it may be if you are not a lipstick wearer, to hide your pain and just to get you through the day, then wear it proudly. If there are days you want to put some color on your face because you have a smile you want to magnify, then wear it proudly. You are beautiful and you deserve all you desire.

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