Learn to Breathe

So, I have a confession. I was in a training today, well, the last two days, but today we were looking for some curriculum we may want to implement within our school and I ran across this title and I thought what an amazing title for a blog. If you are a writer, can you do that? Can sometimes a title or even one word be enough inspiration for you that you just want to write? One time I assigned an essay or story to my creative writing class and I simply just gave them the word “blue” and told them I had no guidelines or rules other than the length I requested. Those students went all different directions, but I was wowed by their responses. Sometimes when we aren’t put in a box and contained, we can do many great things.

Back to the title, Learn to Breathe, made me think about how stressors in life can totally weigh us down to the point that it feels like we are drowning and can’t breathe. When in reality, if we just stop, step back, take a breath, we will realize that there is nothing we can’t overcome.

If you have been following my blogs, I have been in an emotional turmoil about my job. I have had a few veteran and retired teachers tell me not to ever quit teaching because the kids need someone like me. I was told once the art of teaching can be learned, but the heart of teaching is just natural and it can’t be learned, and I had the heart of teaching which was rare. All signs that I belong where I am career wise; however, I have felt the pressure of my job strangling the life out of me. These last couple of days, I spent some time with some of my co-workers that allowed me to take a breath. It’s like the grip of my decision finally let go of my neck, and I taught myself how to breathe again, and I am ready for the new school year.

Think about it, In order for us to live, we have to breathe. That is a physical fact. But metaphorically, it works as well. We may be overtaken by something that makes us suffocate emotionally and mentally, but when we “learn to breathe” we can work through the pain and come out on top.

So next time you feel as if the world is pulling you under and you can’t breathe, step back, regroup, rise up, and just breathe.

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