Loyalty, it is such an important quality to have, but you truly can become a slave to it. Loyalty is a strong feeling of support or allegiance. But what if that support or allegiance is only one way? Do you give away a piece of you and let go of that loyal characteristic you have? Or do you lose a piece of you by holding onto something that is one sided? My opinion, which it is my blog, so you know I was going to give it. While holding onto something one sided, you are more than likely to lose a piece of you and that could be a pretty solid piece, so in turn, you become lost and forget who you are supposed to be in the first place.

I have a strong sense of loyalty. Have I ever betrayed anyone? Absolutely. And because of this strong sense of loyalty embedded in me, when I have betrayed someone, I was extremely hard on myself. My loyalty that I offer to others is important to me. My loyalty, however, tends to be too extreme at times. I smile really big at what I am about to admit because I am a dork, but my loyalty isn’t just toward people. I tend to have a loyalty to companies and inanimate objects. A couple of examples, I just canceled DirectTV and felt bad about it, but it was a good financial move for me so I needed to do it. Next is my car, I obviously will need to get a new one soon; nevertheless, Dolly, my car, has been good to me and I feel I am breaking up with her. Ha ha. I know, silly, right? Anyway, I give you those two examples to show you just how deep I am into loyalty.

I do think people know this about me though, and take advantage of me. For example, my job. I do my job because I feel I am meant to work with youth. Do I think I will teach until I retire? I don’t know. I used to. Maybe my calling to work with youth was only temporary for the fact that I have been tossing around my happiness with it for awhile now; nonetheless, I will give my students 100% of me. I am there for them, loyalty. My bosses know this and will often time approach me about doing extra because of it. So here I am a slave to my loyalty, yet what am I to do? If I can’t perform a job at 100% then I don’t want to be there; therefore, I am stuck.

I read a quote, I know, another quote. To be honest, I love, love, love to analyze quotes. One of my blogs may just be about that sometime, so if you have a favorite quote send it to me and I will see what I can make out of it. Anyway, back to this quote. It said, “Don’t let your loyalty become slavery. If they don’t appreciate what you bring to the table; let them eat alone.” Hmmmm. Food for thought. Oops, no pun intended or maybe it was. 🙂

Loyalty, again I will tell you that it is one of the best qualities to have. Cicero once said, “Nothing is more noble. Nothing is more venerable, than loyalty.” However, you can’t lose yourself in the process. I do believe this world started to fall apart when we started putting ourselves ahead of everyone else. I think we took it too far when we were told to love ourselves first, and we forgot love our neighbor in the process. Be that as it may, I think we do need to learn to love ourselves, be loyal to ourselves, and know ourselves before we can truly focus on others, but that doesn’t mean to let others go, I want to make that clear. You do, though, have to love you, be loyal and true to you, know who you are before you can give so much of yourself away to everyone else. After all, a reward for loyalty should be loyalty. Are you being loyal to yourself or a slave to others? Remember, find yourself and be loyal to who you are. That doesn’t mean stop doing for others or to stop being loyal to others, but take care of you so that you can be a better you for them. When it’s all said and done, loyalty needs to be returned. If those you are being loyal to aren’t being loyal back, maybe they don’t deserve your loyalty. Maybe you should let them eat alone.

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