At a Loss

I know many of you are thinking when reading the title that I may have had a slide backwards in my progression. I’m not saying that I won’t have a day or two like that, but this is more about the fact that I am at a loss for words. I don’t know which direction I want my blog to go. I literally have started three blogs, maybe four, and I have deleted them because I couldn’t get my heart into it. I have enjoyed writing so much that I do not want to skip a day. Is it okay to take a day off? This reminds me of my son. I don’t want to talk too much about him in my blog because his life isn’t my story to tell, but he competed in sports since he was five years old. He became a starting quarterback in little league. He worked hard. If he wasn’t at regular team practice then he was practicing with his uncle. He then became a starting quarterback of his high school team three games into his sophomore year. He currently holds the school record of most wins. Side note, he never took credit for these wins. He always gave the credit to the teams he was on. He then played a year of college football, but decided one day this isn’t going to be what he does for the rest of his life and gave up the sport that he loved. He then got into working out. I personally think this was where he put his energy of that competitiveness. I mean, he had been competing since he was five and then one day he wasn’t competing anymore. He fell in love with working out. He absolutely cannot miss a day. If he isn’t in the gym lifting weights, he is running. He honestly cannot take a day off. I told someone recently that his workouts are his medicine for not only his physical health, but his mental as well. Since I have started writing, this has been my medicine. I don’t want to take a day off, but I don’t want to blog over something insignificant either, but maybe the way I should look at it is more to the fact that it is never insignificant because it is my cure to my emotional and mental well-being.

Okay, that is the message here. I kind of knew if I just let my thoughts flow that something would come together. Find something that you love so much that you cannot take a day off from. That thing that makes you feel like you are improving in every aspect of your life. You know, that medicine that big pharma doesn’t get to cash in on. Find your love, pursue it, live it, and don’t ever let it go.

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