Since the day we are born, we make progress in our lives. As a new, newborn, you can’t even hold your head up because your muscles have to develop, progress, for that to happen. Your diet progresses, your learning progresses, your vision progresses, your…well, you get what I am trying to say. We are all about progress and growth. It is what we are meant to do. The day you don’t allow yourself to progress is the day you quit allowing growth, so basically it is the day you quit working on yourself. If you started this blog on day one with me, you can see the progress I have made. Not necessarily in my writing skills. I just re-read my blog from yesterday and found at least two grammar errors, I am headed to correct those next, although people have already seen them, but I can’t let that be knowing it is there. Anyway, that’s not why you are here. So my progress in my blogs, I started out so lost and sad. My few loved ones that read them were just so sad for me. They were so sad that I think they quit reading, but if they come back they will see the progress, the growth I am making. I started this blog, as I have said many times, to help me find me. I was lost and I was sad and I knew there was more to me than those things, but in order to get past them, I had to be honest with myself and those around me. I was in a dark place due to insecurities and pain I have beared for a long time. It’s only been two weeks, so I am not saying that I have healed already, but I am saying that I have made progress. I see myself talking myself down when I feel the universe is punishing me. Instead of saying, “Why me?” I am saying, “That is out of my control at the moment,” or “What can I do differently to get the result that I want.” It’s weird, those are obvious responses people should have, but playing the poor me card just seems to come easier at times, and again, sometimes my mind does and will wonder to that response, progress.

My dad used to tell us growing up, and this has been some of the best advice he could have given. It is simple set of words and as a kid it would piss me off when he said it, but now as an adult I get it. Maybe the take away I have with these words wasn’t his intent, but just a you interpret a piece of writing to mean something, the same could be said of this advice, and I have my interpretation. My dad used to say, “I never promised you life would be fair.” As I get older those simple words have progressed meaning for me. When I as a kid, it meant suck it up and shut up, or at least that was what it meant to me, and honestly, sometimes Dad probably meant for those words to take that meaning. However, my dad was a deep thinker and he liked for his kids to process events and figure them out on our own. As I got older, those words meant, some people have to work harder than others but that doesn’t mean you can’t have all you desire to have. Now those words have even progressed further. Now to me they say, stop playing the victim and get out there and get what you want. See sometimes those words still can mean suck it up and shut up. Sometimes they mean, yep, you will have to work harder, and sometimes they mean to stop playing the victim, but even as I type these meanings out, I see that they basically mean the same thing, just the message has progressed with my age.

It makes me look at my story and instead of focusing on what I don’t have or where I haven’t been I need to focus on where I am going and what I do have. These blogs are full of advice for myself and hopefully those that are reading them. So to those that have stuck it out from day one with these blogs of mine, thank you and I hope you have seen the progression. For those that couldn’t see me that sad, and quit reading, I hope you found your way back and have seen the progression. If you are new, go back to blog one and notice what opening up and being vulnerable can do for you.

Hmmm, take away from this today. Well, your take away is your take away, but I am hoping you see that allowing yourself to change and progress is allowing yourself to grow. If you think you have reached your potential, then step back, and ask yourself what you truly want because I know you will see that there is so much more potential in you then you are allowing yourself at the moment. Allow yourself to progress.

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