How Do You Feel About Roller Coasters?

I am scared of heights. One time my son and I climbed on the roof of our house to see if we had a leak. Not that we could fix it, but you know, single mom life. Now keep in mind, this was a trailer, so that means, we weren’t too high off the ground. I got up there just fine, but when it came to getting down, I couldn’t climb down the ladder. My son was on the ground getting frustrated with me. I kept telling him to go and get his uncle, my brother, who lived near by. What he was going to do, is beyond me, but I wanted him there. My son refused to go and get him. He just kept saying, yelling really, “Just climb down!” I guess he was my cheerleader or sergeant in this situation. I eventually got down by myself. What makes this even more ridiculous, I was a climber as a kid. I would climb walls (I did), trees, and even climb up to the roof of the house to watch surrounding fireworks on the 4th of July. So when did I become so scared of heights? I really don’t remember. I am assuming it happened when I realized I wasn’t invincible. As a kid I wasn’t scared of shit. I fought anyone that got mouthy. (Growing up in the 70s, we took care of our business.) You know, the scarier the better. I wish I had that tenacity still. Not the fighting part, I am glad I outgrew that part of my life, but man, to be that brave little girl I was back then would be so great. However, that wasn’t the direction I meant for this blog to go, so I will save that for another blog.

Back to heights, as I got older and hated heights, I always loved the rush of roller coasters, you know the ups and downs. The anticipation and the thrill. It was crazy. That climb to the top would scare me, and then the sensation I felt as I dropped. Life is kind of like that isn’t it? You have the anticipation and fear and excitement; however, sometimes you have those let downs. Those roller coasters that were just a bust. The ups and downs of life are sometimes too much to take in, but the ride is only for a short while, so it is so important that you find the roller coaster that was worth the wait in that long line.

Sometimes, though, you are just going to get on a roller coaster ride that was either too much or not enough for you. Does that mean you stop riding roller coasters? No way! Go on to the next one. Don’t ever pass up the opportunity to have fun. You absolutely are not guaranteed the best time, every time, but that doesn’t mean you stop looking for the right one for you. There will never be a perfect roller coaster. Sometimes one of the hills will be less thrilling than the next, but instead of focusing on the one that let you down, focus on the one that left you breathless.

Well, now I miss roller coasters. Amusement park anyone?

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