What Is Going On?

This blog should be brief. I just wanted to share how some things have changed for me lately.

My preferences in what I want in a guy. Haha. I mean, I was never opposed to this look, but now, I am really, really into this look. Tattoos! Oh! My! Gosh! Now, I am not talking the tattoos that you can tell people didn’t put thought into and just walked in and said, “Put THIS right HERE.” I am talking those tattoos that are like masterpieces and that take more than one session to complete. The ones in which the tattoo artist used you as their canvas. Arm sleeves? Yes please. Served up with a little bit of chest tattoo. Oh, and I love the ones with color. I mean, I have seen some cool just black ones, but I like that color added in.

Also, cops and military are my thing now too. I don’t mind a good cowboy either. Wait, do I like anything specific now that I’ve typed this out? Okay, I will go back to my go to, first thing I look at in a man is his eyes and smile. Both have to speak to me, and I am not talking literally, which he “speaking” to me will need to happen, but I mean when I see those two things, I need to feel comforted and relaxed and safe and, well, other things. So combine a great smile with some beautiful tats, and I am your woman.

Back to the tattoos though. This is a new thing for me. The videographer at a wedding I was at last night, yep, he had beautiful sleeves on his arms. I noticed right away. At one time, I’m not going to lie, I would have looked at him at thought a couple of things like: “Look how much money he wasted?” “Who would do that to their body?” “They are stuck with those forever.” “I am sure he is a nice guy but no one will be able to get past all that ink.” Well, maybe it is because I am in the middle of a midlife crisis, but now I just want to trace my finger over all that art.

Anyway, I just needed to share my new found obsession with you guys because I can’t tell my momma. My momma will be so mad at me. Ha ha. She is going to be anyway because I have a tat planned for myself that I will be getting soon. Ooooo, she isn’t going to speak to me for a week. I love that woman and I know I am almost 50 so what she thinks shouldn’t bother me; however, this is a topic for another blog, but if you remember from an earlier blog when I said she is a one direction type of momma, yep, a tattoo will mean I am choosing a different direction for a minute.

I am learning some things about myself. More so than I thought I needed to learn. One of those is if your interests change, and it’s out of your norm, it is copacetic (yesterday’s blog). Allow them to because you shouldn’t have to fit into anyone’s mold. For instance, I am currently searching for a man with some killer ink.

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