I Can’t Make This —- Up pt 2

It’s been a whirlwind of a ride since I posted the original blog by this title.

In the first blog by this title, I told you that every man that approaches me through a social media app has been a single dad. I can’t tell you my hang up on that because I have mad respect for single dads, but something doesn’t fly right with me. The newest pattern, well, not the newest, I just forgot to mention it, but I had happened again, almost everyone, if not everyone, that approaches me is in the military and is deployed but will be home soon. Again, mad respect for the military folks. My dad was a Marine, but it’s the way it’s presented to me.

Guys, listen, I have been told after talking to someone for 10 minutes that he loved me. I kid you not! He just knew instantly that I was his forever. I blocked him, so he started messaging me on FB, which is where he originally found me. Keep in mind, we are not friends on any social media site. My name is also different on all these sites, so I’m not sure how he keeps finding me. He said he changed his status to married because he knows he is going to marry me. I can’t make this —- up!

I have two messaging me on TT right now and one I just blocked on IG because I refused to move our conversation to WhatsApp. What the hell?! I need someone to explain to me what is going on. I guess I shouldn’t respond to any of these messages. I don’t even think I respond because of the WHAT IF aspect, so I wondered if it was because I didn’t want to be rude. After today, I think I respond for the entertainment aspect.

Am I playing with fire? I give the bare minimum information about me, so I feel I’m smart and safe there. Is it an algorithm and that is why they are coming at me all at once? I don’t know, but I do know it’s wild.

I don’t recommend this entertainment for the lighthearted.

Wow, just wow!

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