I Can’t Make This —- Up, Y’all

So tying into last night’s post, my phone starts going off in the middle of the night from, not only the guy I spoke about, but even more. What’s the point? What do these men want? My money? Sheesh. Don’t have too much of that. My car, 225,000 miles, you can have it. My house, it’s a double wide, and I love it because it’s my home, but I’m quite sure many don’t want it. Sexy pictures? I’m by far NOT a Victoria Secret model. Ultimately, I know I should ignore the messages and not reply, but WHAT IF? (If you’ve read my past blogs, you are following me on those two words.) So here is my response after the hellos are exchanged. “I am 50 this month, I love my career but do not make a lot of money, I will not leave where I am currently living, (I don’t use the the word never) and I will not chat on WhatsApp or Hangouts with you for awhile. I don’t mind getting to know you, but it will be through here for now. If you still want to chat, then let’s do it.

Then if we do chat, it’s immediately, I am a single dad. I’m serious, that is the one of the first responses. I respect that, but now that so many have told me this, are they? It is possible; I don’t deny that, but it’s just an odd first response from ALL of them. Well, it is good that they let you know that upfront, so I guess it is necessary, but, I can’t explain it. There are many single dads and it’s very respectable that a man takes care of his kid/kids, oh I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking that piece. Next, they immediately jump into how they want to fall in love and what they’re all about. I know that is why they are here (maybe), but slow down Mario Andretti, let’s just take life in for a moment.

Am I wrong? Tell me I’m wrong if I am. Is this how this whole meeting someone online works?You say, “Hello” followed up with “I want you to have my babies.” I’ve got news for you folks, my baby house is gone.

I know this is a cruel world and many people do not have good intentions, but can I go around thinking everyone has bad intentions. Is that a way to live?

I have plans for these blogs and I hope to eventually move off this topic, but man, it is fresh right now.

#whatisevenreal #easeintoit #socialmediaman

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